Thursday, 4 June 2020

With three decades of excellence Grolle Cabinetry returns with reopening sale

With retail store back  in operation, Grolle Cabinetry are pleased to be welcoming customers back to its Carré Union location at 8118  Decarie Boulevard in Montreal.
Grolle has been at this location for 30 years and like always Gerald Erbstein, together with Rodrigue Chamoun and the team, are excited to announce a special re-opening sale of showroom models and select floor models that can be adapted to your measurements.


“We take you from beginning to end with plans and 3D designs and customize space,” said Mr. Erbstein.  “People are now staying home more. At Grolle we are a group of professionals who provide homeowners, builders, and real estate developers with unparalleled cabinetry, designs and 3D designs.”
Grolle offers comprehensive world recognized cabinetry brands, as well as its own brand An experienced design team will work with you in a state of the art showroom and selection centre.  Kitchens by Grolle are designed with what’s really important. No space is too small 
Be it a  private showroom or virtual meeting,  Grolle is with you every step of the way - from the initial to the final consultation. The team looks forward to welcoming you soon.

For  more information call 514-737-4000 ext. 237 or 236 or log on to


Avec le retour de son magasin de détail, l'Ébénisterie Grolle est heureuse d'accueillir à nouveau ses clients dans ses locaux du Carré Union au 8118, boulevard Décarie à Montréal.
Grolle est présent à cet endroit depuis 30 ans et comme toujours, Gerald Erbstein, ainsi que Rodrigue Chamoun et l'équipe, sont heureux d'annoncer la réouverture de la vente spéciale de modèles de salle d'exposition et de certains modèles de plancher qui peuvent être adaptés à vos mesures.

"Nous vous emmenons du début à la fin avec des plans et des conceptions en 3D et nous personnalisons l'espace", a déclaré M. Erbstein.  "Les gens restent maintenant plus souvent à la maison. Chez Grolle, nous sommes un groupe de professionnels qui fournissent aux propriétaires, aux constructeurs et aux promoteurs immobiliers des armoires, des plans et des conceptions en 3D inégalés".
Grolle propose des marques d'ébénisterie complètes et mondialement reconnues, ainsi que sa propre marque. Une équipe de designers expérimentés travaillera avec vous dans une salle d'exposition et un centre de sélection à la pointe de la technologie.  Les cuisines Grolle sont conçues avec ce qui est vraiment important. Aucun espace n'est trop petit
Qu'il s'agisse d'un showroom privé ou d'une réunion virtuelle, Grolle vous accompagne tout au long du processus, de la consultation initiale à la consultation finale. L'équipe se réjouit de vous accueillir prochainement.

Pour plus d'informations, appelez le 514-737-4000, poste 237 ou 236, ou connectez-vous sur



Sunday, 10 May 2020

Open for business by appointment for construction and renovation jobs

While  the administration at Union Luminaires & Décor and Carré Union await for the Quebec government to approve the province-wide reopening of retails stores (presently scheduled for May 25),  business related  to  construction and renovation work in the residential and industrial sectors is now open by appointment only at a number of our stores.

As of Monday, May 11, activities can restart in all sectors of the construction industry in all regions of Québec. Restarting construction will reopen supply chains in the industry, which involve many small and medium-sized businesses. To ensure that activities reopen gradually and safely, specific directives, preventive measures and requirements must be heeded.  

Union Luminaires & Decor

Bram Naimer, the president and CEO of Union Luminaires & Décor,  wishes to remind its client base of general and electrical contractors, designers, and architects, members of the hospitality trade, home builders and homeowners that they can indeed visit the store  on Decarie Boulevard by appointment only.

While Union Luminaires & Décor was for many years known primarily as a retailer and distributor of residential, commercial and industrial lighting products, in 1999 it expanded its offering to include an architectural hardware division.  “We have been getting calls for weeks now as people need the material we offer to complete their jobs in time,” he said.  “Some have chosen to work with us online and via video conferencing.”

Carré Union

Union Luminaires & Decor is the anchor, in operation since 1914, of the Carré Union one-stop shop home decor complex which features a wide array of stores.

Tenants like Jardin de Ville,  Benjamin Moore and Carpette Multi-Design and Galerie Ô are  now fulfilling work orders related to any residential or industrial construction and renovation work category already and some others will soon follow. “We look forward to a complete reopening soon,” said Naimer. “But  we are ready to assist right now. “

For more information and an appointment or curbside pickups,  please  call    514-340-5000 extension 122 or log on to or  

Monday, 27 April 2020

California Closets offers free virtual consultations/Planifiez une consultation de design virtuelle gratuite

For more than three decades California Closets has built a reputation as a leader in premium and luxury space management, delivering truly custom products and unparalleled service. The company has helped transform spaces and allowed people to get more out of their homes—and do more in their everyday lives.

Located  at  Carré Union (8160 Avenue Royalmount), the  California Closets Montreal showroom has been closed thus far during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, their design consultants are offering free virtual design consultations. “This, in fact, is not completely new for us,” says Lianne Levy, owner of the Montreal and Ottawa franchises. “We have been working with at-a-distance  for clients like this for years. With today’s technologies, we can easily collaborate with clients to create  great, functional and beautiful plans."

Via  their exclusive computer animated design (CAD), customers   get to visualize in both 2D and 3D  what their California Closets solutions will look like. “We take them from now to wow!” says Lianne. “It is a really cool tool that also helps a client see their finish choices live.”

Extra canned or paper goods to store? Their experienced designers can maximize pantry space in ways you never imagined. Confined to the dining room table? They  can help create a dedicated workspace in any corner of your home (or garage!). More puzzles, games, and books to keep minds occupied?  They have ways to keep it all under control.

Lianne wishes to remind everyone that her operation is hardly just about closets. “but the whole home and home office. We are the experts into turning space- even small spaces -   into highly functional areas of a home.”

 For more information call  514-543-5003  or  log on to

Une consultation de design « virtuelle »
Nous savons que vous cherchez les meilleurs moyens pour garder votre maison organisée — surtout en ce moment.Voilà pourquoi nous vous proposons de nouveau notre événement famille et amis tant recherché:

Une consultation de design « virtuelle » gratuite. Nous avons des disponibilité s dès maintenant.

Vous avez des conserves ou des produits de papier supplémentaires à ranger? Vous ne pourriez pas imaginer les astuces que possèdent nos designers expérimentés pour vous aider à réorganiser votre garde-manger! Forcé de travailler dans la salle à manger? Nous pouvons vous aider à créer un espace de travail dédié dans n’importe quel coin de votre maison (ou de votre garage!).

Planifiez une consultation de design virtuelle gratuite. Profitez du même processus de collaboration que vous attendez de California Closets... c’est la meilleure façon d’assurer que votre maison demeure organisée — immédiatement. De plus, pendant une période limitée, vous économiserez 10%.  Visitez ou appelez le 514-543-5003   dès maintenant pour réserver votre consultation de design gratuite. 

Friday, 17 April 2020

Bram Naimer and Lorne Blumer featured on CityNews Montreal

CityNews Montreal paid a visit to Union Lighting & Decor at Carré Union. Reporter Melina  Giubilaro spoke to Union President and CEO Bram Naimer, his dad Gerry Naimer (who started to work at the family-owned company in 1949) and Lorne Blumer,vice-president of Carpette Multi Design.

Here is the report to view.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

After more than a century in business Union Luminaires & Décor has survived natural disasters before

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses around the world very hard. For Bram Naimer, being at the helm of a 106 year old company allows for some perspective and optimism.

Union Luminaires and Décor, at the corner of Decarie Boulevard and Royalmount, was established in 1914 by the Naimer family. It is housed in the same facility as Carré Union, a one-stop shop of more than 20 retailers all catering to homes and businesses. 

The Union building facade from decades ago.
“Like generations of Naimers before me of this proud  family-owned business, we will come through this crisis just as we did through two  world wars, the Spanish flu, the great depression and the 1998 ice storm,” said Bram Naimer, the president and CEO.

In light of the present situation, the main store and those of the tenants will be temporarily closed to all   retail and commercial customers. However, the sales team is available to answer technical or design questions or simply provide information on product availability.  Appointments can be made by phone, facetime or zoom conferencing. “Let us help you find lighting, furniture or home accessories that are right for you with a virtual in-home consultation,” says Naimer  

Adjusting to the Current Situation

The company website has just been adjusted to deal with the current situation at while provides the necessary details with regards to all the tenants at the Decarie premises. 

Some new services have been introduced, which includes immediate free product deliveries for orders of more than $100 anywhere in the Montreal area for items currently in stock. The return policy has been extended to 15 days after the reopening. The website will be continually updated to reflect all products that are currently in stock and those that can be ordered.  The store has an extensive supply of bulbs from all manufacturers. 

Some beautiful lighting in the showroom.
Naimer has been communicating with his tenants in Carre Union and he is pleased to see that many of them do have a game plan during this crisis.  “People have a lot of time on their hands at home right now,” he says. “We know that this situation will end. When it does people will still want to furnish their homes and businesses, so why not get the ball rolling now so that the moment things normalize you can have those fixtures delivered and installed or that new piece of furniture placed. If you are self-isolated at home, we can deliver lights and other home décor products. Our other tenants are also offering delivery like Benjamin Moore. You can have paint supplies delivered and you can apply that new coat of paint to that room you have wanted to polish up for a long time or have some garden equipment brought right to your backyard.”

Bram Naimer showcases the rainbows of hope in the Union windows.
While Union Luminaires & Décor was for many years known primarily as a retailer and distributor of residential, commercial and industrial lighting products, in 1999 it expanded its offering to include an architectural hardware division. Union’s client base includes general and electrical contractors, designers, and architects, members of the hospitality trade, home builders and homeowners.  

A Long Family History

The company was first opened by Romanian immigrant Abe Naimer in a small space on Craig Street, under the name The Star Gas & Electric Co. “In those days, you changed the filaments in gas lights,” Bram Naimer recalled. “He sold filaments, wires, transformers.”

Gerry and Bram Naimer.
One by one, Abe Naimer’s five brothers — including Bram Naimer’s grandfather, Hyman — emigrated from Romania and joined him in Montreal. When they were all here, in the mid­1920s, the business changed names. “They called it Union Lighting, because they were all united again,” Bram said. “And they ran it together, pretty much until they had all passed on.”

Bram’s father, Gerry, was from the second generation to operate the business. It relocated to its current location in 1954 even before there was a Decarie Expressway   By the late 1980s, Union Lighting had become one of the largest privately-owned, full­line electrical distributors in Canada.  “I started to work there in 1949 and I still love going in every day,” Gerry recalls.

For more information email or call 514-340-5000 ext. 122.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Carpette Multi design team is available to consult/l'équipe CMD est disponible pour consulter

For the past two decades Carpette Multi design (CMD), located  at Carré Union on Decarie Boulevard, has offered clients one of the largest choices of quality hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl,  carpet and custom area rugs in Montreal. Whether it is a single family dwelling, a condominium or commercial space, CMD is a  leader in the industry.

“We deal with designers and architects primarily and have a solid core of customers residentially and commercially across the country,” says CMD’s Benoit Bouchard

While the store is currently closed in order to respect the COVID-19 pandemic protocol,  the CMD team is available to consult with clients over the telephone, by email or video conference. Just before the shutdown, CMD signed off on a series of projects they are carefully mapping out for installation when work resumes.

Bouchard says the company  is looking to highlight  its distribution line to contractors as well as  a liquidation division where a new web presence will be developed during this break.

You can find out more at  or via their new Instagram page @carpettemultidesign.

Depuis deux décennies, Carpette Multi design (CMD), situé au Carré Union sur le boulevard Décarie, offre à ses clients l'un des plus grands choix de bois franc, de bois d'ingénierie, de vinyle, de tapis et de carpettes sur mesure de qualité à Montréal. Qu'il s'agisse d'une maison unifamiliale, d'un condominium ou d'un espace commercial, CMD est un chef de file dans l'industrie.

"Nous traitons principalement avec des designers et des architectes et nous avons un solide noyau de clients résidentiels et commerciaux dans tout le pays", déclare Benoit Bouchard, de CMD.

Bien que le magasin soit actuellement fermé afin de respecter le protocole de pandémie COVID-19, l'équipe CMD est disponible pour consulter les clients par téléphone, par courriel ou par vidéoconférence. Juste avant la fermeture, CMD a signé une série de projets qu'ils sont en train de préparer avec soin pour être installés lorsque les travaux reprendront.

(Traduit avec

Saturday, 28 March 2020

A message from Jardin de Ville/Certains de nos services seront maintenus pour répondre aux besoins de nos clients,

Dear clients,

 We are currently facing an unprecedented situation that requires us to constantly evaluate the impact of our decisions on the health, well-being and safety of all. Our loyal customers, devoted employees and incredible community are at the heart of everything we do, and we want to do everything possible to help reduce the risk of COVID-19.

 As such, we have decided to close our stores today for an indeterminate period of time. You can, however, continue to shop our MUST Jardin collection online at, browse our Jardin de Ville collection at or speak to a store advisor at 514-342-8128

We will continue to offer certain services in order to meet our clients’ needs, such as distribution centre pickups, customer service and home delivery. 

We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to the people who are, directly or indirectly, working tirelessly to keep us safe and well. We also want to thank our teams for their hard work and dedication through this difficult time.

 We will sincerely miss you in the meantime. We hope to continue inspiring and helping you create the beautiful home of your dreams, and invite you to connect with us on social media and through our e-newsletter.

 Stay safe in the comfort of your home. Take care of yourself and those around you. We thank you for your loyal support and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Chers clients,

Nous faisons tous face à une situation exceptionnelle qui nous pousse à repenser nos décisions afin d’agir pour la santé, le bien-être et la sécurité de tous. Nos fidèles clients, nos dévoués employés et notre communauté sont au coeur de toutes nos motivations et nous désirons faire tout ce qui est dans notre possible pour contribuer à réduire l’évolution rapide de la COVID-19.

Nous avons donc pris la décision de fermer dès aujourd’hui les portes de tous nos magasins, au Québec et en Ontario, pour une période indéterminée. Vous pouvez toutefois magasiner notre collection MUST Jardin en ligne à, parcourir notre collection Jardin de Ville sur ou parler à un conseiller en magasin:   514-342-8128

Certains de nos services seront maintenus pour répondre aux besoins de nos clients, tels que la cueillette à nos centres de distribution, le service à la clientèle ainsi que la livraison à domicile. 
Nous voudrions partager notre admiration à tous ceux qui, de près ou de loin, veillent sur notre santé. Nous souhaitons également remercier le travail et le dévouement de nos équipes en ces temps incertains.

Vous allez terriblement nous manquer. Nous voulons continuer de vous inspirer, de rêver et de vous aider à créer votre plus belle maison. Rendez-vous sur nos réseaux sociaux et par infolettre.
Restez dans le confort de votre maison. Prenez soin de vous et de votre entourage. Nous vous remercions de votre fidélité et au plaisir de vous conseiller très bientôt.